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Sara Damiano

    Oh, and yes, the issue with NIST is really common. There have been a few GitHub issues about it. I’m trying to connect over TCP to the daytime server. That server is designed to respond to any incoming connection on port 37 with 4 bytes representing the current timestamp and immediately close the connection. A lot of the time the various modems see the connection as closed before they’ve had a chance to tell you that any data was received. So I wait 4 seconds (as required by NIST) and try again, up to 5 times.

    It would be much more efficient (and accurate) to connect to a proper NTP (network time protocol) server and get the time that way. But NTP is run over UDP and I don’t know of any libraries that support both TCP and UDP connections on more than 1 single device type the way that TinyGSM does for TCP. With TinyGSM, it’s only a few lines of code to switch from a 2G to 3G to 4G to wifi connection. It’s on my to-do list to implement full UDP support in TinyGSM, but I have no timeframe for it happening.