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Sara Damiano

    Doh. Yes, I thought of that as I was driving home. Do add the lines setting the wake pin high.

    Do you know what version of the firmware you’re running? To check, you can either hook it up to the u-blox m-center on your computer, run a pass through sketch and send it the commands AT+CGMR? and AT+GMR?, or tack these lines in after the modem setup:

    The AT+USOWR=0,##commands are attempting to write data over an TCP socket. Usually when I’ve seen the “operation not allowed” it’s either because either the socket was already closed somehow or it was never open in the first place. All those other commands that are failing are trying to check the socket status or get data from it. They’ll also spit out that “not allowed” error if the socket they’re asking about isn’t live. What happened in your log before that first failure? Were there any USOWR commands that got ok back? Was there a +UUSOCL in there (that means that the socket was closed externally)? What was the result of the +USOCR command (opening the socket)?

    The reason I asked about the firmware is mostly curiosity. One of the “improvements” in the latest version was related to it locking up and I have noticed improvements with the newer firmware, but it should be able to get through with the older version