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Reply To: Wingshield for Modbus Communication with Isco Signature

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    Sara, that’s great, thanks for your response. You are correct – a primary reason I’m hoping to use a Mayfly with the Signature is the telemetry. The Isco modem, while I’m sure very nice, is prohibitively expensive and locks the user into going with telemetry the way they have it set up. I also like the ability of the Mayfly to interface with additional sensors, and potentially down the road to use the Mayfly to control the sampler for the benefit of a 2-part program (baseline and event sampling).

    I hope to have time this week to test this out. A few questions – to monitor additional variables (likely a second level and velocity from an A/V sensor, maybe temperature, external voltage, etc), can I copy lines 41-60 and place within the loop, properly assigning variable names and addresses? Also, can I place this code into the ModularSensors code I’ve been using, treating the Signature as an additional sensor with the levels and velocity as logged and transmitted variables?

    Thanks! I’m excited to continue to learn and to incorporate this into our sampling and monitoring program.