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Sara Damiano

    I’m sorryfor the confusion. The unit selected on MonitorMW should be the unit you are sending data in. The MonitorMW data portal never does any calcu lation of any type on the posted data, including unit conversions. If you select different units from those units sent in your post request, the website will simply be wrong. If you modify an existing variable on MonitorMW to select different units, the label will change but the values will not. By “calculated variable” MonitorMW means “someone else calculated this and posted the results” not “this was calculated by MonitorMW.”

    You *can* create a calculated variable in ModularSensors where you give the equation that will convert C to F or mm to inches and then report that calculated value to MonitorMW. In that case, when you’re creating the variable on MonitorMW you would select your sensor make/model in the same way you normally would, but then select the alternate units (ie, F or inches, which I will add shortly).