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Sara Damiano

    Right now there’s no ability to do units conversions in either ModularSensors or on Monitor My Watershed. Your only option in ModularSensors would be to create a calculated variable that did the units conversion.

    On Monitor My Watershed, I think almost all of the temperature variables have the option of being in either C or F, but nearly everything else will only give you the option right now of the “default” unit any given sensor spits out. Those lists are curated, but it’s not difficult for us to add any new output variables/units you need. Let me know what you’d like to have added and I can do it. If the only “calculation” you’re doing is a unit conversion, then the output should still be tied to a specific sensor make/model. Once I add the extra unit, you’d be able to select that unit from the drop down in the same way you see the Celsius/Fahrenheit option now.

    The “all/calculated” was really put in place for values that are calculated using the outputs of more than one sensor – like that barometric correction that uses atmospheric pressure from one sensor, water pressure from another, and temperature from a third. It feels really “hacky” because the Monitor My Watershed portal is primarily intended for “level 0” (totally raw) data that hasn’t had any calculations or QC applied. But, if you want to have a new calculated option, just let me know what you need to have added and, within reason, I can put it in. Just be aware that inside the database, no matter how polished that calculation is, the data on MonitorMW is still tagged as “raw”.