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Reply To: Data Dropped Between Mayfly and MMW (2.4%)

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Sara Damiano

    To turn on the “deep” debugging for the modem, add build flags “-DMS_DIGIXBEECELLULARTRANSPARENT_DEBUG” and “-DMS_DIGIXBEECELLULARTRANSPARENT_DEBUG_DEEP” for cellular or “-DMS_DIGIXBEEWIFI_DEBUG” and “-DMS_DIGIXBEEWIFI_DEBUG_DEEP”. Keep the publisher build flags set. You’d also have to change your serial monitor line endings to just a carriage return instead of CR/LF (quirk of the XBee). In PlatformIO/Atom you can do that by clicking for more options in the pop-up to open the serial monitor. In VSCode, you need to add this to your platformio.ini in the env section:

    If you want to save the output, I think you’ll need to use a different terminal monitor. I often use TeraTerm, but there are a lot of free terminals out there.