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<Yes, 4 separate Mayfly’s
<WiFi is real (no hot-spot)
<3 loggers (2 cell and 1 WiFi) at same office, 4th logger is miles away
<The timing of the holes doesn’t necessarily match up
<I have changed modem settings with XCTU on one modem from airplane mode to Normal operation. I have also updated their firmware to the newest version, 11413
<I have a Decagon CTD-10 hooked up to the WiFi modem, rain gauges hooked up to 2 Mayflys and just a small solar panel on the 3rd.
<I’m using modular sensors.
These are the only build flags I have in my .ini

I see the others now in my .ino. Looks like I’m going to be doing some flag building and testing now. I’ll get back to you on this topic.
<I am using LTE carrier boards for the LTEXBee’s.
<I have “useCTSforStatus” set false for all 4 Mayflys. I guess I should change it to true for the WiFi setup.
<I’ll keep an eye out for the blinking light clue.
Thanks for your help.