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Reply To: Data Dropped Between Mayfly and MMW (2.4%)

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Sara Damiano

    Hm. Well, I’m stumped. I have issues all the time with the cellular, but not the Wifi.

    I’m sorry; I’m going to throw a zillion questions at you again.

    You’re using 4 separate Mayfly’s, right? (ie, you don’t have both the wifi and cellular XBee’s hooked up to the same Mayfly). You’re wifi is connected to “real” wifi, right? (ie, not a cellular hot-spot). Are the loggers all near each other? Does the timing of the holes in the loggers match up or are they different for each? Have you ever manually changed any settings on the XBee’s (ie, with XCTU)?

    What sensors do you have attached? I don’t think you said, but you’re using ModularSensors, right? Have you set/modified MS_SEND_BUFFER_SIZE? Can you try running with the build flags “-DMS_DATAPUBLISHERBASE_DEBUG” and “-DMS_ENVIRODIYPUBLISHER_DEBUG” to look at the outgoing json? Is your json longer than the “default” buffer of 750 (ie, is it broken up into more than one chunk)? Do you see anything strange going on like variable numbers of significant figures that sometimes get truncated leading to ill-formed json? What response codes are you getting back (ie, 201/403/5xx)?

    Are you using LTE carrier boards for the LTE XBee’s? Do you have “useCTSforStatus” set appropriately (ie, false with a carrier board, true without)? If you’re really lucky and manage to catch the board “in the act” of a failed send, do the LED’s on the carrier board turn on as expected (ie, “on” is solid, “status” is solid and then begins to blink)?