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Reply To: Connecting XBee3 LTE to the internet

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Matt Barney

    Hi Sara,

    Initially I was testing on USB power only, but will now keep the LiPo plugged in as well, though no success so far with that. (I’m guessing the LiPo is needed to provide adequate current for signal transmission?) I’m testing in my office in an urban area where we have good Verizon and AT&T signals. I did carefully press the antenna’s u.Fl connection together a couple of times just in case it wasn’t fully engaged.

    I have never gotten the XBee3 to connect. I will try changing the timeout from 2 min to something longer and report back. Would this only be needed the first time you bring a new XBee3 online, and then could change it back to to minutes before deploying into the field?

    I have tried Bypass mode previously, but changed back to Transparent after not having luck.

    Yeah, I was wondering whether I needed to check firmware versions, and was just beginning to read about that in Digi’s docs. Do I need additional hardware to connect the XBee to the PC in order to use XCTU?

    I’ll try modifying the line endings and post the logs.