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    Yup – the network is challenging when making it work, and adding to the biggest and most diverse machine in the world.
    I’ve been more the old wireline, POTS to ISDN (now ADSL) – moving the analog to the CircuitSwitched Digital, and now its packet switched.

    Though when I was working with one customer, when our product wasn’t connecting to the bigger machines, he referred to us being on the “Bleeding Edge” (the other side of cutting edge).
    It actually turned out our product was working, but we interworking with a German device that wasn’t coping with US standards.
    That’s why its nice to know about the 7Layer OSI model to have some common language about what the scope of the discussion is.
    A lot of the 2G v 3G v 4G is industry fashion, bands of specifications, the reality is related to very specific specifications which evolve slower than 2G->3G->4G. The cellular industry is coping with high bandwidth expectations (5G), as well as low bandwidth IoT.
    Whatever the technology, what does it take for my packets to be delivered successfully at what cost of power and devices.
    I have heard of new silicon that can have problems with memory deep inside the chip – debugging that is hard.
    For manuals I’ve been using mostly the
    “Digi XBee3® Cellular LTE-M_NB-IoT 90002258revLsept2019.pdf”
    though I’ve seen the questions and advice in various support forums about the Sara-R4.
    Again thanks for the details on CREG – I’m mostly a niche usage for some environmental monitoring I’m supporting.
    When my bit is stable I’ll put it in a wiki.