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Reply To: Can't read/store values from Yosemitech using WingShield

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Sara Damiano

    Where is the extra red (5V?) wire in your pictures from September connected? It looks like you have the Yosemetich connected to one 12V power supply (red line at the bottom), the Mayfly powered by second 5V power supply (the black/red twisted pair?) and then the Mayfly also connected to the computer’s USB. But then I can’t figure out the extra wire. You’re sure everyone’s sharing a ground? (I know you already checked, but it’s worth checking again.)

    Do you have an RS485 adapter that isn’t attached to a “WingShield” that you could test with? I don’t expect that the wing is the problem, but using the raw adapter would completely eliminate it from suspicion.

    If you can use an RS485 adapter that hasn’t been built into a wing, connect it to Serial1. The hardware serial port is *always* better than any software version and using it eliminates any questions the serial libraries. We’ve had some sensors that absolutely refused to talk over anything but hardware serial.

    AltSoftSerial should not (generally) conflict with much else. It uses timer capture interrupts rather than pin change interrupts that other software serial libraries use. But using too many libraries that define interrupts of any type can cause some headaches with serial communication because the timing is really important and even well written interrupt routines can throw the timing off enough to cause it to be garbled. In my experience AltSoftSerial *is* the very best alternative to hardware serial. I don’t think I ever succeed in communicating with the Yosemitech’s over the version of SoftwareSerial that’s been modified to play with the rest of ModularSensors – it’s just not accurate enough. I’m really surprised your experience has been the opposite.

    Once you can get the GetValues example to run smoothly, try running modular sensors with the build flags for the variable array turned on. (MS_VARIABLEARRAY_DEBUG and MS_VARIABLEARRAY_DEBUG_DEEP) that might give me a better idea of where ModularSensors is crashing.