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Reply To: Can't read/store values from Yosemitech using WingShield

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    We have made sure that the power supplies are sharing the same ground. There seems to be some issue with the serial connection to the modbus, maybe related to a conflict in the libraries that handle the physical and software serial connections.

    We are able to read values using SoftwareSerial as the Modbus serial connection and the ‘GetValues.ino’ script on the EnviroDIY Github (YosemitechModbus/Examples/GetValues), and we can also read values using a similar script with NeoSWSerial as the Modbus serial. However, we are unable to retrieve values using AltSoftSerial at all.

    The software serial connections only work when I am running a simple test script that references the YosemitechModbus library. As soon as I try to run a logging script and reference the ModularSensors library, I can’t read any values off the Y4000, using either the modified SoftwareSerial library or NeoSWSerial. The brush is activated and then the serial output has some odd characters (sometimes it says ‘connection failed’) and then the script re-starts.

    I have attached the output from the logging script, as well as the outputs from the ‘GetValues.ino’ script.