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Thanks for the tips here.
I’ve also had trouble with a new Hologram SIM registering to the cell network with a Digi XB3M1.
I had a working hologram SIM that connected straight away, and then would power off and swop in the new Hologram enabled SIM, and it would poll the cell tower and not work.
I started trying about 2weeks ago, had to move on to a few other items, came back to it.
Tried a few more times yesterday, added the tip above, and it worked, and ran overnight OK.
I’m based 0.23.15 (but latest github.com/EnviroDIY/TinyGSM) and using DigiXBeeCellularTransparent.cpp
I included and monitored the AT responses
bool DigiXBeeCellularTransparent::extraModemSetup(void)
added at the end
and it sent back an ERROR
but then the XB3M1 registered.
Seems like its a magic recipe workaround of some sort, but no idea if this really works till I try registering my next sim.

The code is here – search “+CREG”
The first commented out “+CREG” is how I had it.
Then I introduced an algorithm to only issue “+CREG” it if has been monitoring for 100 times for the next time I register a sim.

The output is

Version 11413 <–DigiXBeeCellularTransparent
Loop=Sec] rx db : Status ‘ Operator ‘ #Polled Cell Status every 1sec
0=5.28] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
1=6.30] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
2=7.32] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
3=8.34] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
4=9.35] 0:0xff ‘OK’
5=10.37] 0:0xff ‘OK’
6=11.39] 0:0xff ‘OK’
7=12.41] 0:0xff ‘OK’
8=13.43] 0:0xff ‘OK’
9=14.44] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
10=15.46] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
11=16.48] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
12=17.50] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
13=18.52] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
14=19.53] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
15=20.55] 0:0x22 ‘OK’
16=21.57] 0:0x23 ‘OK’ Cnt=1
17=22.59] 0:0x0 ‘AT&T Hologram’ Cnt=2
Cell scan ‘ S MCC:310 MNC:410 Area:35651 CID:169103376 Signal:-98 ‘
… Setup successful! <–DigiXBeeCellularTransparent