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Reply To: Trouble registering with LTE-M network on Hologram

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Sara Damiano

    I don’t have a uBee with the R410M, but I’ve updated a whole bunch of the Digi boards with the u-blox “Easy Flash” software and direct USB to the SARA chip. You should be able to use the same firmware and software to update. You may even be able to do the update through the serial port without soldering a USB connection on. (Sodaq breaks the pins out to J1, but that’s it.)

    You can get the most recent u-blox firmware and Easy Flash here: ftp://ftp1.digi.com/support/firmware/u-blox_EasyFlash_10.02_SARA-R410M-02B-01_IP.zip

    Are you still using ModularSensors or TinyGSM on your boards? I was thinking about it and remembered that TinyGSM had previously used “CEREG” to check registration but a while ago I changed it to “CREG” to query both EPS and GPRS registration to support 2G fallback on the R412 chip. That change might be why older code was having less trouble. I’ve modified TinyGSM (which ModularSensors uses) to use “CEREG” again – so that may help.

    These 4G chips just seem to be so much more finicky about connecting than the 2G ones were. I don’t know how much of it is the u-blox chip vs the SIMCom (SIM800) that we used to use in the GPRSBee and how much is the network itself, but I miss having 2G service.