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    Hi All
    I was visiting the ArmTechCon/Santa Clara last week and a friend was on the ARM stand showing their CalPoly university project.
    It had the basic same concept – using ultra-sonic to measure the depth of trash in a street side trash can, and then with a map displaying potentially multiple locations of monitored trash cans.
    I asked if they would be OK if it was posted on this board, and he updated the links for it. The actual CalPoly project description seems to have expired.

    The hardware they used was

    Corey says:

    Feel free to share the code if you think others would find it useful.
    I’ve just published the latest to:

    It uses Flask, and a previous quote about this was

    Flask was nice for handling the HTTP bits of the server. I’ve used it in other projects before and found it straightforward. Fairly popular in
    the Python community, I think, as an alternative to larger application
    frameworks like Django.

    So while the project should be considered a “prototype” the components might be useful.