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    Sara, thank you for your response. I’m glad to hear it is possible. Here’s what I’ve got thus far.

    Mayfly <—-> ESP8266 ESP-01
    Rx1 <——-> Tx
    Tx1 <——-> Rx
    Gnd <——-> Gnd
    Sw3 <——-> VCC & CH_PD

    I attached a screenshot of the Serial Monitor with the results I get back from the ESP when I send AT commands to it. Do I have a baud rate issue?

    To test if the ESP was working, I connected it to an Arduino UNO via an Aideepen Adapter Module. The ESP worked and the responses were as they should be.

    I’ll continue to play around with my setup and see if I can figure it out. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    The second image attached is the Serial Monitor when I changed the code to Serial1.begin(74880);