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Sara Damiano

    I’ve spent a lot more time playing with the LTE-M XBee3 so I think I can help a bit better now.

    I cannot get it to connect without the solder jumper – it just needs the extra uumph. And the antenna is also definitely not optional.

    No matter what I do, it sometimes stops responding. I’m seeing this whether I have it powered off the mayfly or if I have it on a separate Skywire development board, so I don’t think’s a capacitance or brown-out problem. Putting it to sleep and waking it again seems to magically resolve it.

    Setting the network technology (“N#) to 2 (LTE-M only) seems to speed the connection up dramatically for me. On waking from sleep it will connect in comfortably under a minute.

    And, acting against the manual, I’ve found I can connect even faster and it flakes out less if I put the thing in bypass mode and tell TinyGSM it’s a u-blox (which it is). Go figure.

    To put it into bypass mode you set AP5, WR (write changes) and then FR for a force reset. It doesn’t enter bypass until after that.