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    I have the hardware:

    Mayfly Datalogger v0.5b
    Digi XBee3 Cellular Lte-M/NB-Iot – XB3-C-A2-UT-001
    No antenna – 3 bars of AT&T on my iphone
    Soldered SJ13 and cut trace BEE-Vcc to 3v3 – 4.19V between Bee pins 1 and 10
    3.7v Lipo battery
    Solar panel from mayfly startup kit
    USB to Windows PC – XCTU installed but not implemented
    Hologram SIM activated

    Software is:

    logging_to_EnviroDIY with lines 53 (loggername), 54 (file name), 58 (registration token) 59 (sampling feature), 67 (BEE_TYPE = “gprs”), 68 (APN = “hologram”), and 321 (onboard_battery multiplier * 4.7 *) customized

    and I’m getting this message from the Arduino 1.8.8 Serial Monitor:

    09:44:27.286 -> — Request —
    09:44:27.286 -> https://data.envirodiy.org/api/data-stream/
    09:44:27.333 -> TOKEN: d02f68c0-2ed7-44e4-b912-d27c5aec74b0
    09:44:27.379 -> Content-Type: application/json
    09:44:27.426 -> {“sampling_feature”: “85e1d0c8-40dd-49ad-9a3a-6619a5500a6f”, “timestamp”: “2019-01-25T10:44:27-05:00”, “fec11d32-0658-4ef0-8a27-bdffa2104e31”: 26.25, “a7329b1b-b002-4fa8-afba-ae83b82ab8e9”: 4.94}
    09:45:08.974 ->
    09:45:08.974 -> Request to data.envirodiy.org timed out, no response from server or insufficient signal to send message.

    I’ve tried multiple iterations of connecting the battery to the board.
    My hologram dashboard shows the device state is live but there is no usage.
    My site on Monitor My Watershed shows ‘Sensors have no data’.

    I have a 900Mhz radio network setup here in the Minneapolis MN and I know those radios (RF450) need individualized configurations and I haven’t done that type of thing to the XBee3 yet.

    I would like to get this XBee3 connected and configured and get my data logging to the https://data.envirodiy.org/api/data-stream/ server.

    How can I fix this?