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    I was inspired by this site to build 27 distance sensors based on Stalker v3 kit.
    The bad things I noticed are:

    the kit contains cylindrical encolsure – no way to attach connectors etc.;

    included solar panel is much weaker than v2.3, it starts charging the lipo battery only under direct sunlight. V2.3 starts to charge much earlier.

    The temperature readings show some strange values even if you copypaste the code from the Seeeduino wiki tutorial. For example, i got readings of -127 degrees. Same code produces correct results with v2.3. Does anyone has suggestion for fix in code? The problem is probably lined to changed RTC chip.

    I need those temp readings to correct distance readings, daily fluctuations during fixed testing were within 2 cm. The correlation with temperature was linear enough and corrections therefore easy to implement if I have the temperature readings.

    In the good side it seems to consume littebit less power than v2.3.