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Thankyou @fisherba thankyou!!!. I got the Xbee SB6 wifi communicating to data.envirodiy.org

I’ve cloned locally github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors
then set to develop
and copied

Starting up platformIO I opened the folder Arduino\env02\nanolevel
in platformio.ini I set
;src_dir = logging_to_EnviroDIY
src_dir = .


lib_deps =


For my logging_to_EnviroDIY.ino
I merged in specific updates for only Keller Nano
I have the XBEE cmd stream showing with new StreamDebugger

The commit – https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors/commit/8f1d8b58c2b9813484feed77a6074f215ecbc3e3 seems to be there already, but I’ll do a manual compare.
I use meldmerge.org – fantastic compare and merge tool.
Thankyou @fisherba & @srgdamiano for the pointers – there are a lot of changes in ‘develop’ – I can’t imagine how to track them.
Amazing work @srgdamiano for bringing it all together
I’ll let my mayfly+xbee run on my desk and see what happens.