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    My 2-cents on which branch to use is that the *model* structure is that end users work from the master branch. @neilh20 might be overqualified as an end user, so if future readers show up on this thread for help, they may be mislead by the notion that develop is the better branch.

    But the Modular branches have been so very active in development lately (woot!) that I (very end user) have deployed nearly everything from development branches. What I think @srgdamiano means by the develop branch being *better* is that it has new features. I’m outside of Sara’s building and have been one of the someones actively requesting and testing new features. But buyer beware, that if the features haven’t been merged to master, they may not be fully tested.

    So the bottom line regarding which commit to use: use the github commit that matches wherever you pulled the example file. If your Git is pointing to master, use the master branch commit to compile(build) your sketch. If your Git is pointing to develop, use that branch. When Sara does her development work, she is very good about making sure the examples match the current features, and this means that compiling from other branches may not work.