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    Hi Rene
    Thanks for the reference on the FDC1004 – there is an App Report
    Capacitive-Based Liquid Level Sensing Sensor Reference Design

    I’ve attempted some custom PCB electrode for measuring water depth. The discussion is excellent. The challenge is field calibration – if looking for a 0-1m (for example) change – how to know when installing in the field and measuring capacitance, that the specific numbers being measured represent 1m of length.
    The reference electrode design is a bit un-wieldy – but useful for discussion and experimentation.
    The holy grail is a simple wire.
    I found some unusual properties of the capacitive field.
    I had the Aquaplumb in a column (3″/8cm dia pipe) of water, and varied the height.
    I got useful readings. However, even with a full pipe – the wire in a reasonably large volume of water, when I brought my hand (a relatively small volume of water) to about 10-30cm away, it did cause an effect on the reading. The only explanation I had was there was a really extended field effect, but something really interesting.

    From the reference design idea – perhaps some aluminium (or copper) tape could be used.