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    I’m running into a low power issue with the sensors/RS485 turned off.
    There is a backfeed going on, which leaves SW_3.3V at about 2V and LED3 comes on.

    I think @aufdenkampe gave me a hint of this and described a solution
    https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors/issues/140 in discussion with @srgdamiano

    However I can’t find it in the release I have – and I’m not sure I understand if @aufdenkampe solution in 140 is releasable since its in LoggerEnviroDIY.cpp
    That is the RS485 serial port enable bits have to follow the SW_3V3 as is turned on/off.
    Seems to me this should happen in the sensor power up and down for the ModbusParent? – though I haven’t been able to find where power up/down is implemented yet. Perhaps I haven’t dug deep enough
    So modbusParent power up would be
    // Restart the stream for the modbus sensors, because we set pins LOW, below

    and modbusParent power down
    // Reset AltSoftSerial pins to LOW, to reduce power bleed on sleep,
    // because Modbus Stop bit leaves these pins HIGH
    digitalWrite(5, LOW); // Reset AltSoftSerial Tx pin to LOW
    digitalWrite(6, LOW); // Reset AltSoftSerial Rx pin to LOW

    The issues are closed – so would they be migrated into the main ?
    https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors/issues/148 same issue @fisherba
    many thanks for insights.