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    Hi Rene
    Yes the Aquaplumb is capacitve sensor based, tried it and tested it.
    Then I took the basics and applied them to the Teensy-LC which has capacitive inputs and tried the same on that.
    So I was interested in what your results are – the capacitive water depth measurement does produce numbers … so it worked but I came across some issues with calibration …..
    I tried solving the calibration issues by generating three capacitive depth sensors in parallel, but finishing at different heights – with the idea of detecting when the water level exceeded one capacitive sensor it would indicate one known height was exceeded and could be used to calibrated the other heights.
    So I was interested to see what you came up with. 🙂

    The issue is I’m looking for a tight specification of changes in water depth over 24hours – monitoring the hydrograph over a diuranal cycle.
    Easy/low cost simple Measurement traceability – managing/verifying no sensor drift – is also a requirement