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Shannon Hicks

    Our Amazon inventory is back up and running again. Some of you have noticed and already ordered some boards and kits. We should be able to keep the storefront stocked unless there are a lot of large purchases. If you know you’re planning to order more than a dozen boards soon, I’d appreciate a heads up so that I can plan our inventory accordingly.

    Also, if you purchase any of our items you’ll notice that now all of the packages have a warning sticker on them stating the potential for cancer risk. This is a requirement by the California Proposition 65 that goes into effect this week that requires any product sold in the state that contains certain chemicals must have a warning label on the product, as well as in the catalog listing. So you’ll find a sticker on each item we sell, in addition to the Prop 65 statement on the Amazon listings. This is because all 4 of our products contain printed circuit boards, and there are a few chemicals used in the production of all circuit boards that requires us to use the Prop 65 statement. It’s nothing to worry about, we are just meeting the new labeling requirements necessary for selling items to anyone in the state of California.