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Reply To: Campbell Scientific CS-215 SDI-12 communication issues w/ Mayfly

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David Lutz

    Hi Sara,

    We spent several hours today trying to work with the CS-215. We did update and use the most recent library (1.3.1) but were still having issues with the two examples. For the address change example, all of the addresses were vacant, even though we had defined the sensor having an address previously using a CR1000 (Campbell) logger. The simple logger did not result in anything going to the serial – it said no sensors found and to check the physical connection.

    One interesting twist – for a while we were adjusting the delays in the address change script with the original (1.0.1) library. Every time the code ran, the sensor appeared at an address and we were able to change the address. However, when the script continued and rescanned all the addresses, the sensor was identified in a different address than what we told it to be at. This makes me think that there is some particular mismatch between the timing and delays that the sensor requires when passing data back/forth using the SDI-12 protocol, and what is in the library that works with other sensors that are not 12 volts.

    The only thing we can think of is that somewhere in the CS code for how a CS logger interacts with a CS-215 that gets the delays exactly right because Campbell knows the timing needed by that particular sensor. I’m not sure if it is possible to access that script and/or look in the manual to see if it is an issue with the specific sensor, but that is my guess. You may know where to look since you were involved in working with that library?

    Here is the manual

    Thanks for any advice or guidance you could provide,