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Scott Murrison


    Thanks for the information on the data portal. I would like to use it for the simplicity, but I’m sure my clients would not like to have their data publicly available.

    I have the database set up and the php script working to add the data to the database. Now I just need to get the sensor data sent to the database. I was confused on how Shannon’s code worked. After her explanation I think I have an idea. Basically my sensor code needs to be changed to create a string with the website address and the sensor data, and time stamp. I have spent several days reading examples trying to figure out how to generate the script. Finally last night I found one that I believe does what I need it to. Now I just have to sit down and figure out what parts of the existing code I don’t need and remove it. This is all way above my pay grade, so anything I come up with will not look right and probably won’t be the most efficient way to tie everything together. Add that to my lack of knowledge and that always makes if fun to try and figure out where the problems are.

    Thanks for the help.