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Sara Damiano

    Most of your code looks familiar, though very mish-mash. I’m glad it works.

    As far as getting the data into a website or MySql database… Doing that is all going to be the responsibility of your web receiver, that is, whatever website the internet connected radio receiver visits. You have to use your php or whatever set up for that.

    Have you looked at the Wiki Watershed/EnviroDIY data portal? http://data.envirodiy.org/ If you are able/willing to have your data publicly viewable, you can take advantage of the structure already in place there to store/view/graph your data. We’ve also created a library to simplify sending data there from many different kinds of sensors, including the Maxbotix sonar sensors. https://github.com/EnviroDIY/ModularSensors. The communication with the data portal in this library is assumed to be via direct internet connection (cell/wifi) but you could also use most of the functionality and set it to another radio instead.