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Shannon Hicks

    The code I posted above is for the Arduino/Xbee receiver module. All it does is “visit” a URL that it “hears” on the radio. The Mayfly logger in the field is the unit that actually generates the rest of the URL. I put the beginning of the URL in the receiver code above just for simplicity, but in real life the entire URL is generated on the field loggers because sometimes they visit different PHP scrips or domains. If you have more than one logger sending data, you’re going to want to have different tables for each station. Then you have the parameters to send. So the logger payload that goes into “thisData” in the example would be a string that should look something like this: UnitId=001&Temperature=14.2&Voltage=2.5&Depth=342.5

    And the full URL would be: https://www.somewebsite.com/demo.php?UnitId=001&Temperature=14.2&Voltage=2.5&Depth=342.5

    Your PHP script would then put the 3 parameters into the table name designated by “UnitId”.