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Brandon Forsythe

    Hey neilh

    Ultimately that is the direction I would like to take this. I first want to build a complete setup to have it up and running then have it broken up in ‘pieces’ for the students. I do want to have system though up and running that we can collect data and have students analyze sooner rather than later (ie…don’t want to wait for the students to build there own).

    As far as what I want to teach, it will be based on water quality and in our neck of the woods in particular the Marcellus shale waterways. It will also show them as future scientists(we hope) that sensor arrays don’t have to be all that expensive (as SWRC puts it). I only recently learned of these systems while visiting the SWRC and thought it was awesome to be able to build these and want to do it myself along with others! But again, just not sure where to start especially on what is compatible to what boards and all.