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Brandon Forsythe

  • Hey Rick

    Your method does work for the most part. However, when I moved the adafruit sd/rtc shield to another board I had to send the time to it again. Should the rtc maintain the time once set since it has its own battery? It does maintain the time without moving the shield to another board and cutting power for a minute or two but not sure yet…[Read more]

  • Rick

    Thanks for the info. I believe this is working. I am having power issues now though too so I can’t be sure. The dc jack will not give consistent power. I may have fried something when we tried to set this up in the field using the gnd and vin pins (didn’t have the jacks at the time).

    I may be asking more questions about the SDI12 setup then…[Read more]

  • Thanks Rene and Rick

    The battery is brand new but I did confirm it has the correct voltage.


    How would I go about forcing the time set on the RTC now? I tried the code you provided as is and the time stamp is about 20 minutes off of actual time.


  • Hi all

    I am finally working on a system. I have an Arduino Mega 2560 – R3, the Adafruit Datalogging SD Shield, and just a DS18B20 temperature sensor (waterproof with 3 wires using a 4.7 ohm resistor). I can get the temp to record however I am having trouble getting the RTC on the shield to respond as it should. The shield seems to be working…[Read more]

  • Hey neilh

    Ultimately that is the direction I would like to take this. I first want to build a complete setup to have it up and running then have it broken up in ‘pieces’ for the students. I do want to have system though up and running that we can collect data and have students analyze sooner rather than later (ie…don’t want to wait for the…[Read more]

  • Hi neilh

    This project is a dual purpose in that primarily will be a kick-off learning tool but also be used by local high school students. It is an outdoor project with no power source other than battery and/or small solar panel and will also need some sort of water proof containment such as the pelican cases SWRC use. The application will be in…[Read more]

  • I am very new to this type of datalogging and building (just this week while visiting SWRC). I am not really sure where to start when it comes it to which board to purchase. I do know that I need an onboard data storage device such as the SD card. And for my first build I want to use a water level, temp, and electrical conductance sensor (maybe…[Read more]