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EnviroDiy is amazing for discussing environmental monitoring – I live in N California and interested in the water sensing and the Internet of Things paradigm – visualize it on the internet – so people in the watershed can discuss it.
Professionally, I’m an electronics design engineer. I enjoy playing with software,  from small processor with Arduino & ARM Cortex-M, to Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone Black. I wrote my 1st program in machine code on an 8bit MC6800 in 1978, and its been a wild ride to write and share software since then.  Sometimes I go back to my roots as a design engineer and design my own hardware.

I professionally support the real work of scientists and hydrologists in  local stream monitoring done by local chapters of TNC.org /TU.org.

I had an opportunity in 2008 as a self directed startup to design a wireless water depth logger based on TinyOS framework using a mega2560, Xbee 900Mhz and Cellular. Some still run today.
My first instrument, as a startup ~ 1992, was a portable 2 channel EEG – https://github.com/neilh10/MindMirrorEeg.
I have served in a volunteer role on my local towns planning commission.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/neilhancock/  neilh20 ..usual…atty..   azonde.com  707  you  780 figure 1569