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KBR Kings River

  • To connect 3 pin One-Wire temperature senor I had wanted to use the Grove D10-11 port.

    Power to 3.3V_SW

    Sensor to D10

    Ground to GND

    Using the ModularSensors Code   MaximDS18 ds18(OneWirePower, OneWireBus);   < MaximDS18 <span class=”pl-en”>ds18</span>(22, 10);>
    <div>Using the switch power this I don’t get a reading -9999.00  however if I…[Read more]

  • Using the ModularSensors code for a Maxbotix HRXL Ultrasonic Range Finder below

    it references a  sonarSerial and mentions having to set it up in the “Setting for Additional Serial Ports”  but I am unable to find the correct “settings” to start the serial port?   What are the the best Groove Pins to use, for the Sonic pins?  For a Trigger pin and…[Read more]

  • I would like to monitor temperature, of water, ground and air.  I was thinking of building one wired sensor to the water, then another wired sensor to ground and air.  Thus I would need two OneWire Bus Pins, .and the one  OneWire Bus pin would have two sensors attached.

    Using a few Arduino Example sketches I can get this to work and read, mu…[Read more]

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