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Jeff Campbell

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Jeff Campbell

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In short, I know enough about the underlying technologies to be semi-dangerous. My current interest is to collect better water temperature and stage data. I am also interested in other sensors and applications

My expertise is applying information science to environmental or other scientific data collection, management, and analysis. Most of my professional experience has been in information technology. I have a geology degree that has mostly been used on vacation at geologically interesting locations. With the increase in data sharing and requirements for creating data management plans, I have found my niche in helping scientists and IT professional to help each other best manage data. My Environmental Informatics website provides some recommendations and examples. I am slowly working on updating the content and design that has been dormant for four years.

I have reasonable experience with electronics assembly (soldering, reading schematics) and understand the functions of basic components and Ohm’s Law, etc.  I want to learn more about current Arduino and related components. I have helped install a Campbell Scientific data and debugged some of that logger code. I am comfortable installing and running linux. I have an older Raspberry Pi that I wanted to use to log water temperature but realized the Pi electrical power requirements were too high for my application.




I have a geology degree that I have used only on vacation to geologically interesting places.  My work has been in information technology ranging from coding and consulting to assistant professor in information systems at a research university. ,  but have worked primarily with information systems