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GMU Flood Hazards Research Lab

  • Hello we are wondering if we could have some help with our code. Prior to going to the Mayfly development conference at Shenandoah University we were attempting to build our own data loggers. We were using Arduino Mega 2560’s, a ping sonar sensor, an RTC, and a Sim808 breakout board. We are able to generate time stamped data and we converted it…[Read more]

    • data7 = String(‘ ” ‘ + data0 + data1 + data2 + data3 + data4 + data5 + data6 + data8 + ‘ ” ‘);

      for visual purposes I added a space between the single quotes and the double quote. you probably want to remove those extra spaces in the sketch

      • Can also do…..
        String quotes = String(34);
        data7 = String(quotes + data0 + data1 + data2 + data3 + data4 + data5 + data6 + data8 + quotes);