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Ethan Canup

  • Ethan Canup posted a new activity comment 8 years, 1 months ago

    I’m a high school intern and my company wants me to create one of these. Could you post some schematics so I can see how you did this.

    • The board we used in the photos (Seeeduino Stalker 3.2) isn’t available anymore. I have a colleague who was going to post a full writeup tutorial for this ultrasonic logger build, but since no one can replicate it due to the obsolete hardware, it got put on hold. Once the new Mayfly board is available (very, very soon), we can do a tutorial of…[Read more]

      • Hey,
        I have ordered an Seeduino v2.3, Maxbotix 7389 and a gprsBee rev. 6. Then I found this page ,-)
        Nice to see, that these three parts are already in use together …

        Steve, could you please provide some more information about your setup and software?
        Thanks, Anselm

        PS: The stalker v2.3 was still available somewhere in china with the…[Read more]

      • I’ve been lurking here for sometime, but have just had to sign up! I’m based in the UK and am looking into creating a similar water depth sensor here – I can’t buy the Mayfly as Amazon.com won’t ship it to the UK and its not available on .co.uk unfortuntely 🙁

        I just wanted to know though, are you working on the writeup for the Mayfly board?

    • We have been field-testing various configurations of the ultrasonic station and wanted to be sure we had the best design before publishing the instructions. Some colleagues and I are having a build session later this week where we will be assembling several Mayfly ultrasonic sensor stations, and our goal is to make a tutorial out of the photos…[Read more]

  • Ethan Canup became a registered member 8 years, 1 months ago