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    @oakleynode  wow  interesting you are looking at RSSI and it has a lot of variation. I haven’t characterized the RSSI result for a high percentage of failing calls.

    Another system that is also on the edge, and I added a new antenna that improved it,  the reading is  -81dBm  https://monitormywatershed.org/sites/TUCA_Mi06/

    The modem is a  Digi CAT-M1  XB3-C-A2 with Verizon service. I haven’t got a real figure of ranges that should work

    A test system is giving a crazy -1dBm – https://monitormywatershed.org/tsv/tu_rc_test07/4904/  – maybe its too strong to characterize!

    The retrieved RSSI is the measurement of the last call, not the current one. Not sure what it indicates if the call fails completely – doesn’t go through.   for GV01 its attempting to make calls every 15minutes, and then subsequently 15minutes later would be retrieving the  RSSI.

    For Mi06 it only makes a call every hour, though it retrieves the RSS reading on every 15minutes, to its likely the RSSI is the same value between calls.

    For cell reflection off the ocean – you could look it up in a text book – but with waves maybe too chaotic. Not sure what you do with any answer, as it works or it doesn’t. It might be an interesting answer if you are wanting to compare against different frequencies – say would LoRa 900MHz be more reliable, but requires data packing. I haven’t figured out to easily do LoRa with MMW.

    I keep an internal log on the uSD of connection attempts, and time to make the connection. Mostly that’s been useful for validating that connections where happening, that is verifying the device software.  It also allowed me to show that  the server was loosing data and in early 2023 the server response time was going out .