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Reply To: Mayfly sketch compiles, seems to upload, but doesn’t

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    It seems to me its a working practice’s issue, repeatability and traceability- not a programming issue.  From a distance, seems like you should be able to see the code in the directory that you are building – however you do have a unique directory structure, and if opening HicksonDeployments.code-workspace – maybe its mispointed. I open “folders”.

    For the working directory that compiles and downloads, my suggestion was by putting the UUIDs in a separate file ms_cfg_uuids.h -you can have the example non real UUIDs  that get pushed to git.

    On building your managed target system, you drop in the unqieu ms_cfg_uuds.h into the directory and then compile it.

    That way there isn’t any messing around with the actual source code, and whats on a branch.

    I would suggest adding a “GEOGRAPHICAL_ID” in your ms_cfg_uuids.h so the UUIDs compiled are visible, traceable and debugable.

    On startup, my systems identify parts so I can manage the code – the code source,  the software name, compile and then the target .

    So from my debug logs, I’m currently trying to integrate the SIM7080 and was doing it previously with WiFi ESP32-wroom, I can follow what works and doesn’t

    [2023-08-12 09:52:20.083] —Boot(0) Sw Build: a\src\tu_xx02.cpp Aug 12 2023 09:50:19 b’neilh20′
    [2023-08-12 09:52:20.146] Sw Name: LT500/Modbus TO MMW LTE SIM7080
    [2023-08-12 09:52:20.146] ModularSensors version 0.34.1-abd
    [2023-08-12 09:52:20.146] TinyGSM Library version 0.11.6-aab

    [2023-08-12 09:52:20.225] Board: Assume Mayfly 1.1A

    [2023-08-12 09:52:22.360] GEOGRAPHICAL_ID:”230723 TU-RCtest07 simRiverX Monitor”


    earlier I was working on

    [2023-08-04 18:19:16.580] —Boot(0) Sw Build: a\src\tu_xx02.cpp Aug 4 2023 18:14:40 b’neilh20′
    [2023-08-04 18:19:16.632] Sw Name: LT500/Modbus TO MMW ESP32-wroom
    [2023-08-04 18:19:16.632] ModularSensors version 0.34.1-abd
    [2023-08-04 18:19:16.632] TinyGSM Library version 0.11.6-aab

    [2023-08-04 18:19:16.719] Board: Assume Mayfly 1.1A

    [2023-08-04 18:19:18.847] GEOGRAPHICAL_ID:”230723 TU-RCtest07 simRiverX Monitor”