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Reply To: Mayfly sketch compiles, seems to upload, but doesn’t

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    Hey glad to have helped!!.  Whew.!

    Its a challenge sometime to figure out what the foundations are and build off them. I’ve had to do that before, start with a known should be working, and then slowly add to it to find out what came adrift.   I often use Meld Merge to compare the base directories separately from PIO.   There is a gitkraken plugin of PIO to visualize the branches – however I get lost quickly.

    So your process of rebuilding from a known source is teaching moment of the challenges of source management.  The next challenge is traceability – and its mostly the school of hard knocks. Sara is doing an amazing job of fixing lib versions for the main release.

    You  have the Mayfly version built in nicely to you platformio.ini- EnviroDIY_ModularSensors@=0.34.0

    Can you imagine having your code all working, and distributed being used, and then coming back to make a modification – only to find its lost – you can’t trace what your release was.  Several professional level stories of that happening – and hence why Microsoft bought github for gizzilion$

    https://meldmerge.org/   though I ‘m currently on an early version 3.18.3 https://download.gnome.org/binaries/win32/meld/ as some lost functionality in later releases