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Reply To: Mayfly sketch compiles, seems to upload, but doesn’t

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    <quote>”Before I go digging through the code, I’m wondering why code would compile and run fine one week, then be “structured to not compile” the next. Do you have any idea why this might happen?” </quote>

    So a perspective – its your code, and its your environment – so i have no idea, just throwing out a suggestion based on the data of compilation size.   The whole computer is built on “sand” and layers of software, and many items can go wrong. So welcome to the wonderful world of the computer.

    So I put my code under git/source control/(or plain zip my source tree) , just for when these problems occur. Basic working practice.   Believe me I’ve had the weird-ist problems that come up – and then I can see the change that’s been made and why things have changed. From the snapshot I can recreate the known working program into another director – and hope it works there.

    Eyeballing your code, I’m afraid nothing jumps out to me.  It could be in the platformio.ini .  It would seem the clue is ~ your program size reflects the nature of the program that is being downloaded.

    Beats me. Perhaps duplicate your blinkme, then copy and paste the above program into the file and see the size of program it produces.