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Reply To: Simatic iot2020; useful for low-cost monitoring?

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    Thanks for posting. What comes across is its IP20 – ;
    A rating of “IP20” (pronounced “IP two zero,” not “IP twenty”), denotes protection from solid objects approximately 12mm in size, such as adult fingers; however, it also denotes no protection at all against liquids.

    The other issue is that its an Intel Intel Quark® x1000, 512 MB RAM, 1 Ethernet interface – historically Intel is an electric power hog, but that is all dependent on your location.

    I take its target market to requiring power available (Intel Quark), an Industrial setting with the DIN rail.
    For hot outdoor application, I would think you would want local solar/battery powering and IP62 (or higher eg IP65)- which would be protection from ants/insects and heavy rain failing