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    Thanks for looking into it.

    I’m in the UK for my Uncle who had a stroke, and I took off very quickly from California,  and not likely to get back before the end of May after his funeral. I haven’t brought any tools to see what the response are from the server.

    It seems very unlikely that 5 systems would all stop transmitting by themselves. My three systems, for power saving, only transmit every two hours, and then they transmit 8 readings with 1second pacing between readings. So they would typically  attempted to transmit  2hours after the  last readings all successfully received. However if the server only responded with a 201 to the first of the  8 and then no response to the other 7- then technically in wall time terms they could be trying 3hrs 45min later.


    I have seen blocking issues that have come up in the past, and wonder what could cause them