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Reply To: Systems not recognized from 12th( v0.15.0?)

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Anthony Aufdenkampe

    @neilh20, We just looked at the database and the server logs and found the following.
    Only 5 sampling features stopped reporting new data on April 12.

    • TUCA_PO03
    • nh_LCC45
    • TIMU01
    • TUCA_Sa01

    These stations have not attempted to post anything in the last 30 minutes.  We’ll keep looking.

    Our guess is that the issue is originating from these stations, not from a bug on our servers.

    We are indeed confused why they stopped reporting the same morning that we issued the release. That said, many of these stopped reporting a couple of hours BEFORE we switched the production servers, which according to our logging happened from 10:34 to 10:38 ET  ( = 7:34 to 7:38 PT).