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    Thanks for the feedback

    Funny you should mention rocket scream, I’ve just had a few red comet esp32s delivered. They promise low power consumption and solar charging for lifepo4. I’m hoping to replace a rather bulky 12V panel and battery system with the red comet and a single cell 26650 lifepo4 (see picture).

    Red Comet ESP32

    I’ll use the red comet to read simple interrupts from a couple of flow sensors, and a separate MKR1400 will do the communications at 12/hr or daily intervals as you have mentioned. This is all in theory…lets see how it works in practice. One thing I haven’t researched much is power monitoring. I believe due to the flat discharge curve of lifepo4, you need to use a coulomb counter? Another day’s work..

    Btw I’m backing a lifepo4 product on kickstarter for home energy harvesting (4.6 kWh) also using lifepo4 batteries. Very similar to enphase by the looks of it. The safety aspect, plus having an EV socket clinched it…