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    Wow thanks so much for sharing, and no problem with your English.  I’ve been in that situation where its difficult to debug ModularSensors/Mayfly as the software implementation using time loops is so time sensitive.

    Are you planning on using a git to store the programs with an open source license? Its very nice if you do and gives some confidence in being able to do crowd sourced testing and feeding back how it works.  🙂

    Just wondering if you are using your program with the Mayfly implementation?

    One issue to keep in mind if using the Mayfly, is that the SDI-12 is specified electrically as 0V to +5V, and the Mayfly as SDI-12 recorder/host/server implementation has a reduced electrical interface to only do 0V to +3.3V. This makes it easy to implement.  However it can mean that the SDI-12 sensor equipment doesn’t detect the incoming packet. I’ve seen this for the Insitu LT500 equipment   ~ or at least I got a non-response from some older equipment and assumed that was the reason. Similarly with the Vegetronix SDI-12 analog sensor that has been tested to the SDI-12 specification, it doesn’t respond. An earlier version of the Vegetronix SDI-12 analog sensor does respond, but that version didn’t have the CRC implementation.

    You solve the electrical interface by using the TekBox TBS03 (or at least hopefully it covers it), though I wonder if it also reports packets that are out of electrical specification?