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    For  powering I am using the new Solar2 connector.

    It requires a very precise diameter solid core wire – and took me some time to find it as old fashioned “Bell Wire” 20AWG, which I got from local Lowes store.

    The needs to be – 20-26 AWG solid core. It also needs exactly matched wire strippers. If the wire strippers are too small a dia, its likely to nick the solid core wire, making it more prone to failure.

    The connector  is

    “Phoenix 1778832″,”TERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS STR 2.5MM” and requires

    or digikey https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/phoenix-contact/1778832/2625556


    Another nifty new feature I found with Mayfly1.x is soldering the SJ17 LED10 Blue “- which at least for Digi modules is “network connection”.   It activates when the module comes out of sleep, then when the device is connecting to the network it flashes. And finally when it disconnects from the network it turns off.  A good help in checking operations, and slight waste of power for normal operation.  Normally I like to have a LED activate when there is maintenance activity – (say for 10minutes after reset,  or on a maintenance wake button press operation) but that has to be designed in at system level, either sw or hw and not figured that out yet.