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Reply To: pc and Mac unable to communicate with mayfly ver. 0.5b

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Shannon Hicks

    That’s great, I’m glad it worked.  Based on your screenshot, I can tell that your station is running a sketch that I programmed onto that Mayfly board in March of 2018.  It’ll still work if you’re using the same CTD and turbidity sensor it originally had on it, and it will save data to the memory card every 5 minutes.  It had the ability to transmit data to our older database system using a 2G cell modem, but those modems are no longer available and that database has been replaced with Monitor My Watershed.  The RTC clock on the Mayfly may still be correct if the CR1220 battery is still good, but it might not if the station has been in storage awhile without a main lipo battery.  That clock would have been set in 2018 to Eastern Standard Time, so it will appear to be one hour off from the current local time now.  Nowadays we program all our RTC clocks to GMT time instead, to be compatible with the MMW database.  If you end up needing to reprogram your Mayfly at some point in the future but still want to keep using that OBS3+ turbidity sensor, you’ll need the sensor’s 6 calibration coefficients from the calibration sheet that it was originally shipped with, which we still have in our records.  You can send me an email at mayfly@envirodiy.org and I can provide those numbers to you so you can put them into the new logger sketch.

    And for reference, here’s a better picture of how I soldered the right-angle header pins onto my CP2104 board.