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    Thanks Shannon. I would not expect the mayfly to adjust for time zone and/or daylight saving time. The logger should record “absolute” time (plus offset), as you described. And that’s what should be recorded in the MMW database. It is then up to the display program, our webpage interface to MMW in this case, to calculate for the users time zone when displaying the time. This is most often accomplished by the display program looking at the client’s settings, such as a PC set to EST with auto adjustment for daylight saving, and adjusting the stored time based on this, and then displaying the appropriate time. There are other benefits to this approach, and it is what I consider to be the “standard” way of handling time storage and display. So … would we consider this a MMW bug that can be reported?

    Thanks again for pointing this out to us. I will pass it on to other mayfly data reviewers who don’t subscribe to this blog.