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    hello @zeke-holloman. Just looking through it, and yes thats my assumption at the moment is that its the cellular side that is not connecting.
    There are 2 parts 1) getting internet & time 2) thingspeak.
    1) If the cell phone connects for NIST time, then it can connect with the internet, and the cell modem account setting is good.

    2) if thingspeak then doesn’t connect its something to do with the account ino.

    I’m just looking at your posted new file

    The STREAMDEBUGGER_DBG is a bit strange, it should really be this

    The log you posted with some basic cell phone interface is looking very minimal. Possibly also compile it with



    I was thinking of creating a branch off envirodiy (master) – and seeing if it can be referenced for an update to the cell phone interface so it can show more detail. Gotta try it out.