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    @zeke-holloman – I have no idea why my previous post came out so badly, and it won’t allow me to edit it!!. My usual way of recovering strange posts.

    It should be interesting to see what you get with your cell modem.

    Using your sketch, which references the latest ModularSensors

    Using ModularSensors Library version 0.30.0
    TinyGSM Library version 0.11.4

    My cell modem which is running on Verizon wouldn’t connect.  The modem issues are  technical and I believe understood, and have been discussed.

    This specific modem has been working no problem in my fork  which has modifications for managing the startup of the cell modem and works for the cell company I’ve been using …. my fork currently is at ModularSensors 0.28.5

    I did try compiling your program in my fork, but there is some changes in 0.30.0 that aren’t backward compatible, so I need to upgrade before I can try this.

    Still with your software, referncing MS 0.30.0  I switched the modem to Digi WiFi  S6B, which I use a lot in testing,  and it worked no problem.

    Once connected to an TCP/IP link – whether over cell or wifi – the passage of data is the same, though Modem AT cmds may be a little different.

    So this is what I get